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Food Safety Focus (9th Issue, April 2007) – Food Incident Highlight

Patients Suffering From Kidney Diseases Should Refrain From Eating Star Fruit

On 14 March 2007, Macau Health Bureau alerted public with kidney diseases to avoid eating star fruit or products containing star fruit. The alert arose when two patients with chronic renal failure developed symptoms of intoxication (including hiccup, vomiting, impaired consciousness and muscle twitching) after eating star fruit.

In the past, poisoning cases in relation to consumption of star fruit have been reported among patients with chronic renal failure in Brazil, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China. It is thought that star fruit contains high oxalate and moderate potassium contents, and might contain a toxin which could be harmful to patients suffering from kidney diseases. Poisoning has also been reported among healthy individuals who ingested a large amount of sour star fruit juice on an empty stomach and in a dehydrated state.

Individuals with renal failure or impaired renal function are advised to refrain from eating star fruit and its products.

Illustration: Star fruit


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