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Prohibition Order on import and supply of plasticiser-contaminated food/drinks and recall of the products
ITAMACHI KING OOLONG Tea Drink - Produced in China
(Effective from noon, 22 June 2011)
Manufactured in Taiwan
DrinkaZine Energy Watt Sports Drink manufactured by Tai Hwa Oil Industrial Co, Ltd
(Effective from noon, 14 June 2011)

All batches of fruit syrup of all flavours manufactured by Jin Zhuan Lifesciences Enterprise Co, Ltd; and
Peach Conc. Juice manufactured by Jin Ji Wang Food Co, Ltd
(Effective from noon, 10 June 2011)


ORIYEN Nutri Grow Orange Drink Premix (Boy) and Mango Syrup manufactured by 'Chung Fai Food Co Ltd' (translation)
(Effective from noon, 9 June 2011)


Sheng Shiang Jen (translation) Konjac Coconut Jelly (Taro Flavour)
(Effective from noon, 2 June 2011)


Speed Sports Drink and Speed Lemon Flavour Sports Drink
(Effective from noon, 31 May 2011)

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Last Revision Date : 22-06-2011