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Plasticisers in food

Plasticisers in food

Test results of Plasticisers (as of 30 September 2011)*

Starting from 3 October 2011, test results on plasticisers will be incorporated to CFS Food Safety Report. Please refer to Food Safety Report under Food Surveillance Programme for subsequent results.


Prohibition Order

Prohibition Order on imports and supply of plasticiser-contaminated food / drinks produced in Taiwan and recall of the products

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Plasticisers
Plasticisers and Food Safety
Plasticisers and Health Concern
Surveillance and Control Measures

More Information

Food Safety Focus (59th Issue, June 2011) – The Abuse of Plasticisers in Food

The method adopted by Government Laboratory for testing phthalate


For further information, Please also browse the announcement from Taiwan

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