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Food Products

With numerous food items available on the market, the choice can be mind-boggling. The information here can help you understand more about the food that you eat and also make wise food choice.

  Meat, Poultry and Eggs Seafood Beverages and Frozen Confections
  Fruits and Vegetables Seasonal Food Other Foods

Meat, Poultry and Eggs top  
Barbecued Meat
  Risk in Brief - Risk of PAHs in Barbecued Meats  
  Risk Assessment Studies - Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Barbecued Meat  
Chilled Poultry
  Risk in Brief - Avian Influenza and Chilled Poultry  
  Food Safety Focus - Bacteria on Eggs - Should Eggs be Washed  
  Food Safety Focus - Melamine Contamination in Eggs  

Risk Assessment Studies - Salmonella in Eggs and Egg Products

  Risk Assessment Studies - Risk Assessment of Lap-mei  
  Siu-mei and Lo-mei  
  Food Safety Focus – Dioxins in Irish Pork  
  Food Safety Focus - Nitrofuran, Malachite Green and Canned Pork Products  
  Risk in Brief - Clenbuterol in Pork and Pig Offal  
Pig Livers
  Hepatitis E  
  Siu-mei and Lo-mei  
Seafood top
  Food Safety Focus - Nitrofurans in Abalone  
  Food Safety Focus - Formaldehyde in Noodlefish  
  Food Safety Focus - Grass Carp  
  Food Safety Focus - Oilfish and Diarrhoea  
  Food Safety Focus - Mercury in Fish and Food Safety  
  Risk Assessment Studies – Mercury in Fish and Food Safety  
  Risk in Brief - Risk of Mercury in Fish  
  Food Safety Focus - Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning Toxins and American Lobster Tomalley  
  Food Safety Focus - Petroleum Products in Salmon  
Scombroid Fish
  Food Safety Focus - Scombroid Fish Poisoning  
  Risk Assessment Studies - Vibrio Species in Seafood  
  Cadmium in Fan Scallop  
  Oyster and Food Safety  
  Oyster and Shellfish  
  Risk Assessment Studies - Vibrio Species in Seafood  
Shark Fins
  Food Safety Focus - Methylmercury in Shark Fins  
  Risk Assessment Studies - Histamine in Canned Fish and Tuna Sandwiches  
Beverages and Frozen Confections top
Apple Juice
  Risk Assessment Studies - Patulin in Apple Juice (Chinese version only)  
Energy drink
  Risk in Brief -The Safety of Energy Drink  
  Risk Assessment Studies - The Microbiological Quality of Edible Ice from Ice Manufacturing Plants and Retail Businesses in Hong Kong  
Iced Drink
  Risk in Brief - Safety of Flavoured Ice Beverage  
  Seasonal Food Safety Tips - Iced Drinks and Summer  
Ice Cream
  Food Safety Focus - Mircobiological Quality of Ice-cream and Frozen Confections  
  Food Safety Focus - Coliform and Soft Ice-cream  
  Risk Assessment Studies - Microbiological Quality of Ice Cream  
  Food Safety Focus - Benzoic Acid in Milk  
  Food Safety Focus - The Addition of Osteoblast Milk Protein in Milk  
  Risk in Brief -Milk Basic Protein (MBP) in Food  
  Food Safety Focus - Melamine Tainted Milk and Milk Products  
  Food Safety Focus - Coliforms in Milk - Presence of Bad Bugs?  
  Risk Assessment Studies - A Clean Bill of Health for the Milk Product (Chinese version only)  
Non-alcoholic beverage
  Food Safety Focus - Iodine and Soy Milk  
  Risk Assessment Studies - Dietary Exposure to Benzoic Acid from Prepackaged Non-alcoholic Beverages of Secondary School Students  
Non-prepackaged Beverages
  Risk Assessment Studies - Nutrient Contents of Common Non-prepackaged Beverages in Hong Kong  
Pear Juice
  Food Safety Focus - Arsenic in Pear Juice  
Soft Drinks
  Food Safety Focus - Benzene in Soft Drinks  
  Food Safety Focus - Strange Smell in Water Packaged in Plastic Bottles  
Fruits and Vegetables top
  Food Safety Focus - Lead in Dried Plum  
  Food Safety Focus - Cantaloupes and Salmonella  
  Risk Assessment Studies - Microbiological Quality of Pre-Cut Fruits for Sale or Serving in Retail Outlets  
  Risk Assessment Studies - Nutrient Values of Fruit and Vegetables  
  Food Safety Focus - Hepatitis A Virus in Semi-dried Tomatoes  
  Food Safety Focus - Salmonella and Hot Peppers  
  Food Safety Focus - Cyanide Poisoning and Cassava  
  Food Safety Focus - Watercress and Parasitic Infection  
  Food Safety Focus - Salmonella and Tomato  
  Food Safety Tips - Safe Handling of Tomatoes  
  Risk Assessment Studies - Nutrient Values of Fruit and Vegetables  
  Risk in Brief - Microbiological Food Safety of Raw Vegetables Intended for Human Consumption  
Seasonal Food top

3 Secrets to Safe Holiday Buffet

Lunar New Year
  Enjoy a Safe and Healthy Chinese New Year New  
  Food Safety Focus - Red 2G in Melon Seeds and Chinese Sausage  
  Five Tips for Safe Eating in Chinese New Year  
  Risk Assessment Studies - Use of Preservatives and Colouring Matter in Chinese New Year Foods  
Glutinous Rice Dumplings
  Enjoy Rice Dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival  
Fresh Water Hairy Crabs
  Seasonal Food Safety Tips - Savour Delectable Hairy Crabs and Appreciate Chrysanthemum in Autumn  
  Food Safety Focus - Hairy Crab  
  Seasonal Food Safety Tips - Safety Tips for Consuming Hairy Crabs  
  Seasonal Food Surveillance on Hairy Crabs  
Poon Choi
  Food Safety Focus - Bacillus cereus in "Poon Choi"  
  Seasonal Food Safety Tips - Enjoy Poon Choi Safely at Lunar New Year’s Eve  
Other Food top
Canned Food
  Food Safety Focus - Bisphenol A in Canned Foods  
Canola Oil
  Canola oil  
Chinese Dim Sum
  Risk Assessment Studies - Nutrient Values of Chinese Dim Sum  
Congee, Noodle and Rice
  Risk Assessment Studies - Nutrient Values of Indigenous Congee, Rice and Noodle Dishes  
Cup Noodle
  Risk Assessment Studies - The Food Safety of Instant Cup Noodle Containers  
  Food Safety Focus - Methamidophos and Dumplings  
  Food Safety Focus – Benzoyl Peroxide in Flour  
Fermented Foods
  Risk Assessment Studies - Ethyl Carbamate in Local Fermented Foods  
  Food Safety Focus - The Troublemaker in Gravies: Clostridium perfringens and food poisoning  
Peanut and Tree nut
  Food Safety Focus - Outbreak of Salmonella Typhimurium in the United States Associated with Peanut Butter  
  Food Safety Focus - Aflatoxins in Peanut Products  
  Risk Assessment Studies - Undeclared peanut and tree nut allergens in prepackaged foods  
Pesto Sauce
  Food Safety Focus - Clostridium botulinum and Pesto Sauce  
Powdered Infant Formula
  Food Safety Focus- Enterobacter sakazakii in Powdered Infant Formula  
  Risk in Brief - Enterobacter sakazakii in Powdered Infant Formula  
  Food Safety Focus - Cadmium in Rice  
  Risk Assessment Studies - Microbiological Risk Assessment - Salads  
  Risk Assessment Studies - Study on Salt in Local Market  
  Risk Assessment Studies - Sandwiches in Hong Kong  
Sashimi and Sushi
  Sashimi and Sushi  
Seed Products
  Food Safety Focus - Salmonella in Seed Products  
  Food Safety Focus - Seaweed  
Soy Sauce
  Risk Assessment Studies - 3 Soy Sauce Products having Contaminant 3-MCPD (Chinese version only)  
  Food Safety Focus - Nutrient and Health - Cabohydrates: Sugars  
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