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Organisation Chart of Centre for Food Safety

The Centre for Food Safety is headed by a Controller, who reports to the Director of Food and Environmental Hygiene. The Centre is underpinned by four divisions, namely the Food Surveillance and Control Division, the Risk Assessment and Communication Division, the Corporate and System Management Division and the Centre Administration Division.
Controller, Centre for Food Safety Food Surveillance and Control Division Corporate and System Management Division Risk Assessment and Communication Division Centre Administration Division

Controller, Centre for Food Safety

Name : Dr HO Yuk-yin, JP
Telephone Number : 2867 5500

Controller, Centre for Food Safety is responsible for planning and directing the implementation of policies on food safety control, day-to-day management of the Centre, high level negotiation and liaison with the Mainland and overseas food authorities, management of the consultative structure comprising the Expert Committee on Food Safety and overseeing regulatory functions related to food safety.


Food Surveillance and Control Division

Assistant Director (Food Surveillance and Control)
Name : Dr WONG Wang, Christine
Telephone Number : 2867 5511


  • Planning and overseeing the implementation of a territory-wide food surveillance programme to ensure food is fit for human consumption
  • Food import control and export certification
  • Management of all food incidents, including investigation of food borne illness outbreaks at food premises, management of food safety crises and coordination of food recalls;
  • Liaison with international food authorities, food traders and other parties to ensure effective food safety control
  • Formulation of measures to prevent and control diseases originating in live food animals which have a public health angle, including liaison with the Mainland and overseas authorities
  • Overseeing conduct of chemical tests at Man Kam To Food Control Office on imported food from the Mainland


Risk Assessment and Communication Division

Consultant (Community Medicine) (Risk Assessment and Communication)
Name : Dr YEUNG Tze-kiu, Samuel
Telephone Number : 2867 5600


  • Oversee risk assessment studies, which provide scientific basis for risk management
  • Oversee population-based food consumption surveys and laboratory studies on food hazards and nutrients to support risk assessment work
  • Advice on food standards based on local risk assessment results and international experience
  • Oversee risk communication activities on food safety, including “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point” approach aiming to promote tripartite collaboration of the Government, the trade and the public
  • Stakeholder consultation, scientific researches and regulatory impact assessments in support of new food safety regulation and legislation
  • Liaise with international bodies, professional fraternities and interest groups to strengthen food safety programmes


Corporate and System Management Division

Assistant Director (Corporate and System Management)
Name : Ms LAU Wing Han, Winnie
Telephone Number : 3108 2737


  • Formulation of long term strategies for IT-enabled business transformation in food import control and food surveillance work
  • Steering and mapping out strategic proposals on re-engineering business processes, operational procedures and information management
  • Advising on good management practices in streamlining of workflow and re-engineering of business processes with a view to developing computerized systems that can better support data analysis and risk profiling
  • Overseeing the co-ordination work required for the Centre to provide input to the Trade Single Window (SW) project and to ensure effective integration of the revamped IT systems for interface with the SW


Centre Administration Division

Chief Executive Officer (Centre for Food Safety)
Name : Mr CHUNG Chan-yau, Patrick
Telephone Number : 2867 5505


  • Overseeing the provision of administrative support services including accommodation, personnel and establishment, financial and accounting, and other general matters for the efficient operation of the Centre
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Last Revision Date : 04-01-2018