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Food Alert - Prohibit import and not to consume a sports drink from Taiwan

Issue Date


Source of Information

The Centre for Food Safety (CFS)

Food Product

Sports Drink

Product name and Description

DrinkaZine Energy Watt Sports Drink
Manufacturer: “Tai Hwa Oil Industrial Co, Ltd.”

Reason For Issuing Alert

The concerned product contained plasticiser di-butyl phthalate (DBP) at a level of 0.97 ppm. Although the acute toxicity of DBP is low, chronic large-dose exposure to DBP was found to affect the reproduction and development and cause birth defect in animals.

Action Taken by the Centre for Food Safety

Ordered the trade be prohibited, from noon June 14, import and supply of the concerned product, and complete the recall within 30 days.

Advice to the Trade

Stop selling the concerned product.

Advice to Consumers

Stop consuming the concerned product.

Further Information

The CFS press release

CFS Website: Plasticisers in food

Centre for Food Safety
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

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